The Best Certified Personal Trainer in Lawrence and Overland Park

As a personal trainer in Lawrence and Overland Park , we specialize in one-on-one, pair and small group personal training and Yamuna Body Rolling sessions at Studio Alpha as well as in-home sessions. We focus on myofascial release therapy with our many types of Yamuna Body Rolling sessions.


Do you have painful foot or hand problems? Yamuna Body Rolling techniques can help to build and maintain healthy foot and hand functions.

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Yamuna Body Rolling is a revolutionary approach to health and wellness using balls designed exclusively for this practice.

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Check out our selection of Yamuna Body Rolling products including balls for your feet, back, and calves.

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Finding Becky and her Yamuna Balls has made a huge impact on my physical and mental well-being. I say a “thank you” to her every time I roll on my balls and am able to continue enjoying the activities in my life that I love.

Mary Dillon

Lover of hiking, biking & tennis
As someone who cannot tolerate deep tissue work in a massage I think this work is brilliant. It is all over body work at your own pace. It is modifiable to every level and depth.

Ashley Sandefur

Pilates Instructor
I continue to use and explore the uses of the Yamuna balls. This self-treatment is reducing my joint pain and is allowing me to increase my activity level to do the things I enjoy and need to do. I am just so excited about the benefits of Yamuna Body Rolling!

Ronda Bolding

Certified Physical Therapist Assistant
After just one session with Becky and YBR, I knew it was working wonders for me. Training for Ironman World Championship, my body has been taxed to say the least. The day after our session I set a personal best on my 5+ hour bike ride. I just felt ‘FLUID’. It was amazing.

Kelly Harvey

Professional Triathlete